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Casino Closes

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Caesars Casino Closes Again in Indiana Due To High Water

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When you think about possibilities that could happen to shut a casino down, rain is not the first thing that comes to mind. For the third time in ten years, however, rain has closed the doors of Caesars Indiana.

The riverboat destination has been keeping gamblers happy for years. Wednesday, though, turned out to be one of those days that people would have to leave the casino and hotel.

It has been raining in Indiana for almost two full days. the weather has threatened the area by causing floods and trapping some people in their houses.

The casino has an agreement with the Army Corps of Engineers that protects people against any water problems. Once the river appears that it will reach a certain height, the casino must shut down operations.

That is what happened on Wednesday. Although the water never reached the target height, the casino still closed as a precaution. The hope is that it will be opened again by the weekend.

“You have to do it. Our primary focus is on the safety of our guests and of our employees,” said Judy Hess, Caesars Director of Public Relations.

The hotel has five hundred rooms, and almost all of them were full. That made for an interesting day of evacuations as people wondered when they would be allowed back.

Lottery Winner in Illinois Claims $81.5 Million Three Months Late

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It is extremely tough to wake up one morning and know that you have just become $81.5 million richer. That is not the tough part. The tough part is waiting three months to cash that winning ticket.

That is exactly what a woman from Illinois has done. She and her family were smart enough to put together a group of advisors before she cashed the ticket.

The advisors were led by Attorney Terry Zimmer. He had the task of putting together a group that would advise the winning family of how to avoid the shortcomings that other winners have endured.

They hired an estate planner, and others, who helped them avoid certain taxes and mistakes that were made by past winners. Once they had their entire financial plan mapped out, the woman then marched into the lottery office to pick up her check. Three months after she won the lottery.

“We’re so proud of them for taking that time. What a sharp winner we have in Illinois and we hope that the rest of our community will hear this and that they’ll take a deep breath and consider protecting themselves,” said Jodie Winnett, acting Superintendent of the Illinois Lottery.

Part of the planning that took place was to change their number to an unlisted one. They also worked hard to keep their identity unknown from the public.

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Gambling Continues

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Blackjack Gambling Continues At Seminole Casino In Florida

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The Seminole Indians took a rough blow on Thursday when the Florida Supreme Court ruled that a compact that was signed between the Seminoles and Governor Charlie Crist was void.

On Friday, one day later, it was business as usual for the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Even though the Supreme Court ruled against the compact, the Seminoles are continuing to offer Vegas style slots and blackjack at the casino.

There had been speculation on Thursday evening as to what the Seminoles would do in light of the Supreme Court decision. By Friday, there was a clearer picture being painted by the Seminoles.

Their stance appears to be to stand pat until the situation goes through the proper legal channels. Before the compact was signed, the Seminoles were expecting to get a favorable ruling from Federal court regarding their offering of class III gambling games.

In Broward County, voters approved Vegas style slot machines for the county’s pari-mutuels. Once that happened, the Seminoles felt they had similar rights to offer class III gaming. They are allowed to offer any gambling that is legal anywhere in the state.

As for the new blackjack tables, they were still being used as of Friday. People were happy that the Seminoles have left the game open. “I’m glad they didn’t shut down the games. This is the only place in Florida we can play blackjack and it would have been a shame had they shut down the tables,” said Bryan Liptwick, a card player from Plantation.

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Blackjack Gambling

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Blackjack Gambling Class A Big Hit at Fort Lewis College in Colorado

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Fort Lewis College in Colorado is offering a class that students actually look forward to attending. They have a Blackjack Basics/Advanced Strategy class that is being offered through their Continuing Education program.

Professor Jack Hunt is the teacher of the class. The main objective of the class is to educate students on the odds of playing the game. The class does not guarantee winning or losing, just that students will better understand the odds.

“Why do you go to play blackjack? If you say ‘to win money’, it is the wrong answer. You go to have fun. If you do what I’ll tell you about tonight, the house will have no advantage. You won’t win, and you won’t lose,” Hunt tells his class upon arrival.

Hunt has been teaching for the last five years about the business side of gambling. He has written many articles over the years detailing his thoughts.

“I’ve seen a lot of stupidity out there. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to teach this class. I want to ask people,’Why are you throwing your money away’,” said Hunt.

The class is currently bringing in more than 300 students a semester, a far cry from the amount of students that first took the class when it started a few years back.

“We are trying to offer classes that have a wide range of appeal. We want to encourage people and inspire them in areas ranging from computer software and writing to playing the piano and brewing beer,” said Gigi Duthrie, Director of Continuing Education at Fort Lewis.

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Upcoming Rocky

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Bingo Club Owner Rank Warns Investors Of Upcoming Rocky Road

Rank is feeling the effects of several different things that have caused a drop in their profits. Now, they have warned investors that the upcoming year could also be a tough one.

Rank is an operator of Bingo clubs. The company has fallen on some tough times lately. They have closed eleven bingo clubs, but still has 103 others, including a new one.

There have been signs of improvement at the companies Mecca Bingo clubs. Operating profits last year fell over 31 percent, but have improved of late. Underlying profits fell seven percent in 2007.

The smoking ban that went into effect was a major contributor to the company losing profit. The company is now finding different ways to rebound from the ban. It is building smoking enclosures, and by the end of 2008 hopes to have them at fifty of their bingo clubs.

The company is also taking other steps to improve people’s experience at their clubs. They are upgrading the food. they also are adding electronic bingo games so that players can play more games.

Dispute Still Lingers Over Tribal Casino in New Mexico

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The Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, made sure that a new Fort sill Apache Tribe casino never opened to the public late last week. He stationed police officers at the entrance to keep people from entering.

The tribe still believes they were within their jurisdiction to try and open the casino. They are referring to a settlement in court back in March of 2007 as grounds for the casino.

The settlement was made in response to a lawsuit by the Comanche Nation of Oklahoma. they named both the Sill tribe, and the Federal Government in the lawsuit.

An agreement was reached, and the Sill tribe agreed to not make any more attempts for an expanded casino in Oklahoma. They felt that in that agreement, however, there was language that allowed them to operate a casino in New Mexico.

The National Indian Gaming Commission does not believe that is the case. They have warned the tribe that they are not to open the casino, and that they could put themselves in danger with the law should they proceed with opening.

The situation is surely to end up in court before the issue is resolved.

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Gaming Launches

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Back by Popular Demand – Weike Gaming Launches Ocean Symphony

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In respond to the vastly popular “Sea Orchestra” series, Weike Gaming, Singapore and Malaysia only licensed game machine and electronic table game manufacturer, is proud to present the latest game Ocean Symphony, a continuation from the saga of Sea Orchestra and Sea Orchestra II housed in new slot cabinets in 2 versions, the upright Triton 3.0 and the slant Cytron 3.0.

The new cabinets have all the features that target at players’ comfort and excitement. Sported in 2 high resolution TFT screens with touch screen functions and with its 32 bit graphics card, it enhances the excitement in terms of game presentations, bonus events and bigger win amount celebration shots. Considering players’ comfort as one of the top priority, more spacious and comfortable arm rest is designed to cater for players resting their tired hands after a day of long play. The stereo speakers have high impact effects thus promoting crystal clear bonus events trigger sounds and jackpot celebration sounds. Players also get to enjoy the service at a new level as there is an information button on the top right hand corner of the touch screen whereby a service function is incorporated for food, beverage, for credits key out services etc. These 2 platforms support bills, tokens, cards, tickets printers and SAS enabled. Additionally with these new features, the platforms need lesser energy consumption thus leading to longer lifespan therefore higher reliability of the electrical components. Most importantly, it comes with comprehensive players’ transaction records to assist operators in their accounting purpose. It is also going through BMM approval to obtain full SAS6.02 capability and will support leading third party, system, link and ancillary equipment, like MEI, Paltronics, Acres, and ACSC etc.

Ocean Symphony is the first of the few selected games housed in these 2 cabinets backed by the popularity of its predecessors i.e. Sea Orchestra and Sea Orchestra II. This is a 5 reel, 25 line game which pays wins from left to right. In the main game event, players will be enticed as they can win up to a maximum of 20,000 credits when players strike 5 of the biggest icon King Mroco. With the appearance of 3 or more Yippie symbol, 10 free games are triggered, and within the free game event, any Sunia Mermaid symbol that appear, the particular reel will be held throughout the free games. This signifies that players have more chances of forming winning lines thus lead to more winning chances. More winnings can be derived when the free game event is triggered again.

Weike Gaming is pleased to launch this game from its predecessor which is one of the best selling series of games and we are continuously working towards developing more successful games. The very next on the list is the “Around the World” series to be launched in two weeks time as Weike Gaming brings you around the world in its outstanding slot machines.



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Casino Smoking

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Atlantic City Will Not Quit Until Casino Smoking Ban Occurs

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Last year, a stepping stone was made in an effort to have no smoking at Atlantic City casinos. The ban from last year bans smoking on seventy five percent of the casino floor.

The smoking ban was not enough, according to several members of the Council. They will now try to rid the casino floor of smoking altogether.

With four members of the Council already in favor of the motion, only one more member will have to approve for the measure to be passed. The law that was passed last year is not working.

It called for the eleven casinos in Atlantic City to build enclosed smoking areas. To date, not one casino has followed those instructions.

Now, they may not have to build the structures. Since they were slow to respond to what they were supposed to do to comply, the Council is now looking to put a smoking ban on the entire casino floor.

Casino operators are claiming that the smoking ban would hurt their business since most of their customers smoke. One business that would not be hurt by the ban, would be hospitals.

Although the casino operators only care about their profits, and not about people’s health, it would make perfect sense that they would oppose the ban. To most people, though, their health is more important than casino operators profits.

“The state is continuing to discriminate against us, and we are depending on the City Council to live up to its integrity and obligation of protecting the health, welfare, and safety of its citizens,” said a table games supervisor at a big casino in AC, Nate Chait.

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